Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

So we decided to become kite-flying people. Neither of us had flown a kite in many, many years. We went out a few days ago, ready to go. It was really a pathetic attempt to fly a kite. There was kind of a light breeze (every now and again), but we thought it'd be sufficient if we ran really fast, pulled the string tight, threw it up into the sky, etc...but we had no success. We had really talked up kite flying to Kate, but I don't think she saw the appeal.

Today, though, was super windy (and cold), and perfect weather for kite-flying. We bundled up and hurried outside and sure enough--the kite flew. It was really the easiest thing ever. We just let go of the kite, and it started flying on its own. By the end, all of our teeth were chattering, and poor little Kate's lips were turning blue, but we flew a kite, dang it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Andrew has launched his website!!

Woohoo! Andrew has been working into the wee hours of the morning on his photography website for months now. And it is finally ready to launch! Go check it out-- http://www.celestiallightphotography.com/. He has two new temple photos, and I personally think the Mount Timpanogos Temple pic is one of the best Timp Temple pictures I've ever seen (and don't worry--I'm completely unbiased). We're hoping he can start selling to places like Deseret Book and Olivewood Books soon! He also has a new blog, so make sure you find your way to that as well. :) (There is a link to it on his website.)

As part of the launch, Andrew is offering a special 20% discount to anyone reading this. Here is the code to type in on the check out page (good through June)-- newsitediscount

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That's IT!

Okay, I am back on the wagon. I totally gained back FIVE pounds since I stopped working out. Man, it comes back fast. So, not that any of you really care, but I am publicly stating my resolution to work out again so that maybe it will help motivate me. By our sixth wedding anniversary (April 25th), my goal is to lose ten pounds. If I can do that, that will make me thinner than I have been in years. I still want to lose fifteen beyond that, but I am starting there.

Andrew has been a huge motivator to me these past few weeks. He's set a goal to lose fifteen pounds (mostly so he'll be lighter for hiking), and has been working out every single day. At first I kind of felt like I was getting a work out just watching him, but now I've started to feel lazy again as I watch him run for miles.

Today I rode my stationary bike for TWO hours (one hour at a time). I am totally feeling like I need to get back in this weight loss thing and finally hit my goal weight!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

It occurred to me that I haven't posted in a long time.

I had the time of my life in Omaha for two glorious weeks of fun, food, and eager people to play with Kate. Kate also had the time of her life, as she was surrounded by doting family members, new toys and books (books and toys that I played with as a kid), and playful squirrels. It was really a special time to reconnect with family. I loved every minute! (I'll post pics and some more details later--too lazy right now.)

Tonight Andrew and I took Kate to Rock Canyon Park to walk around. The weather has been gorgeous! They have a jungle gym that she was playing on, and was even able to climb up on things she's never been able to climb up before. She did it several times, but was a little wobbly, and so Andrew was right by her. Her little foot slipped, and her chin/lip crashed into something as she fell. Andrew was able to catch her before she hit the ground, luckily, but she was instantly covered in blood! Her little white sweatshirt was caked in seconds. It was so traumatic! She has never had more than a scratch in her life, which I always thought was remarkable for how active she is. Andrew grabbed her, and we headed to the car, but she immediately started screaming that she wanted to go on the slide again. She was upset by the fall, of course, but even more upset at the idea of not going on the slide again. We stopped to look at her--face, hands, shirt, pants covered in red. Her hands were making nice bloody hand prints on us as well. We couldn't really tell what was cut, but it looked like it was just her lip (and not teeth, thank goodness). She was really hysterical about wanting to continue on the slide, so we thought maybe a couple more times would make her feel better--then we'd go.

She seemed to have stopped bleeding rather quickly, too, so we thought it'd be okay.

I can't imagine what other people were thinking when they saw Kate happily going down the slide--completely CAKED in blood. We only let her go down twice more--she was really kind of causing a scene, and I wanted to get her cleaned up and see what exactly was hurt.

We didn't realize for a little while that she had cut her lip and below her lip as well. All night, she was chewing on her lip--both cuts. Yikes--we are hoping it doesn't get infected.

Anyway, that Kate really is a fighter and doesn't let a little blood and staring strangers get in her way!