Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth! (a couple days late)

On Thursday night, Andrew came home with some fireworks. He decided that if Kate was going to have any chance of enjoying real fireworks on the Fourth, then we would have to start small. It took a long time before we could get Kate to come anywhere near the sparklers. When we asked her if she wanted to hold one, she would say, "No way!" She was more content to run in circles (see video). But finally, she broke down and loved it. I'm not sure it was too smart on our part to give a two year old a sparkler--it was a little scary! She would run at us with it when she wanted us to take it back. But we all survived.

For the fireworks this year we decided not to go to Park City (we were too tired after a long hike the day before) and instead watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the stadium parking lot. Daddy's hands blocked Kate's ears, and her hands covered her eyes (but we did catch her stealing peeks). There was a huge American flag hanging up, and it must have really made an impression on her because she's been asking for the past two days where the American flag went. We watched them take it down, and so I tell her every time, "They took it down." Her response: "Oh. They took America flag down. Right." She always says "Right" like that, after she gets something. You'll hear her say it in the video. Enjoy!