Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On a lighter note...

I have a TON of videos and pics I need to post (well, at least some of them). Thought I'd start with this one. My mom sent Kate a couple of Boynton books a few weeks ago and I recorded her first time reading them. She says a new word in this clip--so it's very exciting! :) She also recognized that the characters in the book were tickling each other and made her tickle noise (the one she uses anytime she tries to tickle someone or sees a belly button). Hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Chance!!

For anybody who is against the bailout--PLEASE call your senators and congressman today!! Just Google their name and phone and it comes right up. We need to flood the lines! It only takes a minute and it could make the difference! Congress is voting TODAY.

Here are Ron Paul's House floor remarks today. http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog/?p=642

Friday, September 26, 2008

Check this out!

"Ashen Flame"

Andrew just finished editing another picture! My parents saw this slide and wanted it for their entryway. Andrew just finished it up and will be ordering the print soon. He is really excited about this one. He took this picture of a dead Bristlecone Pine tree in the White Mountains (in California) on his most recent photography trip. You can read more about it on his blog. He's going to submit this picture to the Springville Art Museum next spring. Fun!

**He found a website that lets you try out frames on your pictures. He really likes this style--with a linen matte and wants to do his pictures that way from now on.


I only lost one pound again this week...shoot! I came in at #31 for the week and dropped to #25 overall. The good news is, though, that my wedding ring fits fine again! I had gotten just a band that I dubbed my "fat ring." But that one falls off all the time now. Yay!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wave goodbye to the Constitution, Timmy! There it goes! GoodBYE!

"Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it." --John Adams

"A generous parent would have said, 'if there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.'" --Thomas Paine, Common Sense

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." --Thomas Jefferson

Okay, people. I know some of you reading this don't necessarily subscribe to my political views and maybe thought I was a little nuts for supporting Ron Paul. That's totally fine. But one thing that even the media agrees on is that Ron Paul was right about the economy. Maybe you've noticed that lately he has been all over CNN, Glenn Beck, etc. because he predicted this financial crisis years ago. Please read this letter that Ron Paul sent out to the public today http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog/?p=597. It is time for us to wake up and not take this lying down! Contact your state representatives (it's actually really easy--just click here)and tell them how you feel about the proposed bailout. Let's do something! This is supposed to be our country--let's not sit idly by and watch it fall to tyrants.

*Stepping off soapbox.*

Friday, September 19, 2008

I can't believe I haven't killed someone yet.

My new least favorite activity is driving Andrew to school. If I'm not swerving to dodge a maniacal bike rider, then I'm slamming on my brakes for swarming students darting to and fro, or about to lay on my horn for the lady in the SUV in front of me who is NOT moving! I had some serious rage today as I was dropping Andrew off. I was trying to pull through a crosswalk, and one nice girl stopped and waved me through, while a completely oblivious guy plowed ahead. After I dropped Andrew, I drove extremely slowly forward through the masses (it's not really my wish to kill anyone), but one guy had his head down fiddling with his mp3 player and walked straight into the car. Luckily, I had spotted him and wasn't moving. But he looked up at me and totally glared! As if I had the nerve to be driving in the street. It is truly some kind of miracle that there aren't pedestrian deaths by the hundreds every day at BYU.

Just ONE

I only lost one pound this week, but I am excited about it still because my BMI is officially in the "Normal" weight category (just barely). I've gone from borderline obese to overweight and now to normal! What a great feeling! I still feel overweight, but I'm getting closer to my goal every day. I even lost another inch off my waist. I've had the toughest time losing inches from my waist! That's where the majority of my weight likes to hang out--yuck. (I've only lost about four inches for 28 lbs.) I hope I can have a bigger week next week. Updates on rank later.

UPDATE: I came in ranked #22 for the week and moved up from #26 to #23 overall. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

A new season of inspiration...

The new Biggest Loser (family edition) season starts tomorrow (Tues 8/7 c)! Thought I'd give it a plug for anyone who needs some extra motivation to lose weight. I started watching this show part way through last season. I love working out while I watch it--it really makes me want to push myself. Check out last season's winner (and the first ever female winner)--Ali (above). She went from 234 lbs to 122 lbs! Amazing. I'm so excited for it to start again. While it can be really overly dramatic sometimes (especially during weigh-ins), I still love watching all the people go from unhealthy, overweight, and depressed to healthy and happy people that feel like they can do anything. It's great! Check out this site (the sidebar--scroll down) http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/24159091/ to see everybody's transformation from last season and 2007. Woah. It's a good reminder of why I took those "Before" pics.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Working my way up...

I lost three pounds this week (yeehaw!), and for the week I was ranked #14. Overall, I went from #42 to #26. Yay! Here I come, baby! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Tortured Soul: My High School Days Revisited

Nice roots, eh? I guess I wasn't keeping up on my Sun-In.

I saw Christie's blog today that had this "tag" on it. I love reading about people's past lives (even people I've never met...), so thought maybe I'd share some more about mine--for those of you lucky enough not to have known me in high school. :) I haven't done one of these revealing tags in a while. Warning: This will be LONG and will include many pictures. I made the pics small so that this post wouldn't take over my entire blog, but click on any picture to see a larger version.

I elaborate quite a bit on these questions, so if it's too much for you feel free to skip around. :) If you missed the last tags I did (what--you weren't reading this blog in July 2007?? and if this post somehow isn't long enough) then here are the links 8 Things About Me and #9 and Deja Vu: More about Me.

1. Did you date someone from your High School?
I only dated one guy from my high school--he was one of the very few LDS boys there, and he was 'gasp' a JUNIOR when I was a senior. But he didn't seem like it, so it was okay. :) We dated for five months which was practically an eternity in high school months.

2. What kind of car did you drive?

I had a few...I started out driving my parents Acura Legend, but quickly totaled that one and moved on to a navy blue 1986 Ford Bronco II. I loved that car even though it broke down daily. Finally, my dad said no more repairs (!!) and I got a 1990 Nissan 240SX. That car could fly!

3. What was the most embarrassing moment of High School for you?
High school was one giant embarrassing moment for me. It would be much easier if I could answer what the most non-embarrassing moment was (because there were only a handful of those...).

But, since I have to choose just one, I would have to say it was when I wrote about my first kiss in my creative writing class. It was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE first kiss that seemed only compatible with my life (suffice it to say that it involved lots of burping and slobber--not mine. I did not go out with the guy again, btw). Anyway, my teacher was reading our "essays" to herself one day and could not stop laughing. I knew instantly when the tears began to flow that she was reading mine. I shrank down in my seat, but she came over and told me that I HAD to read it to the entire class the next day. WHAT?? The dreaded class arrived, and she handed me my story. I shook my head at her (think of the girlfriend in Seinfeld refusing the apple pie) and said I'd rather not. She got kind of upset and said that if I wouldn't read it she would just have someone else read it. I just couldn't bring myself to do it--TOTAL MORTIFICATION. So, of course, a cute football player volunteered to read it. G-r-e-a-t. I really can't express the absolute horror I went through as he read; I got a lot of strange side glances from cheerleaders (of course we sat in a big circle so I was clearly visible to the entire class). As he stumbled over certain words, and didn't pause for effect in the right places, I realized I should have just read it myself since I was humiliated/tortured either way.

**Running out of my Junior English class to throw up in the hall would be a close second.**

4. Were you a party animal?

No. I had moments, though. I loved going to concerts. In high school, I loved harder rock and alternative rock (I still listen to alternative stuff). NIN, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots were among some of my favorites back then. And don't forget the angry chick rock--Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, etc.

The above pic is of me--yes--burning my bra. My friend, Sabrina, and I burned pictures of ex-(jerk)boyfriends (I'm pretty sure they were just double prints...) and notes, and why not a bra? It was liberating--even if it was just an old bra I didn't use anymore (and I still had one on...).

5. Were you considered a flirt?
Yikes--no. I usually clammed up around any semi-cute guy.

6. Were you in Band, Orchestra, or Choir?
Nope. I have no musical talent whatsoever.

7. Were you a nerd?
No. I didn't have a lot of good friends at my high school, though. I had one best friend at my school (top pic), Abby, that had been a good friend since 7th grade Human Growth and Development. She is hilarious and I was lucky enough to reconnect with her recently via Facebook. My other two best friends were Sabrina and Tiffany. Sabrina (middle pic), and I grew up together at church. She didn't go to my high school, though. Tiffany (right pic), and I became good friends at church, too, when our ward boundaries were changed. She also did not go to my high school. Sorry for these pics, guys! These are the only ones I could find!

8. Were you on any Varsity teams?

9. Did you ever get suspended/expelled?
No, but I missed a lot of school my senior year and it seems like there was some kind of penalty for that, but I don't remember.

10. Can you still sing the fight song?
Fight song? We had a fight song?

11. Who were your favorite teachers?
Always English teachers--they were always the most passionate and interesting.

12. Where did you sit during lunch?
We didn't have any options--it was just the cafeteria. I sat with friends.

13. What was your school's full name?
Harry A. Burke High School

14. School mascot?
Bulldog. My colors were black and gold from elementary school through high school.

15. Did you go to Homecoming? With whom?
Yes, I went to my senior Homecoming with the aforementioned LDS junior. Homecoming was our first date, actually.

16. If you could go back and do it again, would you?
ROFL. Are you kidding me?? NEVER. I'm just relieved I survived in the first place.

17. What do you remember most about graduation?
I remember walking down the stadium bleachers to "Pomp and Circumstance" REALLY hoping I didn't biff it. I was also elated that the whole high school experience was almost behind me.

18. Where did you go Senior Skip Day?
No idea.

19. Were you in any clubs?
French Club, Quill and Scroll Club (which really seemed like a made up club), Creative Writing Club, and National Honors Society.

20. Have you gained some weight since then?
Currently about 15-20 pounds heavier.

21. Who was your Prom Date?
I didn't go to prom. My LDS boy and I had broken up about a month before prom. Then the next boy I started dating wasn't until a month after prom. Just missed it. Below is Lance--the guy that came after prom. I actually dated him my junior year for a few weeks. He was really cute, I thought, but a real jerk! He swore constantly and was really racist. Oddly enough, he found me again at the end of my senior year. He was very apologetic saying that he had gone through a strange phase (trying to be cool or something)and wasn't like that anymore. He sounded really genuine and so I decided to give him another shot; it was a good decision. He had somehow transformed into a very good person (he was Catholic, by the way). Very obsessed with his car, though...but I let that go. We dated for 7 months (into our first year of college). He was not interested in the LDS faith at all. It was hard because I thought I loved him, but I knew I had to break up with him. Looking back, that was one of the best decisions of my life.

We tried to stay friends, but I started dating a different guy only a couple weeks later and that made him really mad. I always felt bad about that. I sent him a postcard from Hong Kong a couple years later...strange thing to do, I think. I never did hear from him again.

He had not gone to my high school, either. We actually originally met online (gasp!). It was a total blind date, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have another online dating story...but that one is really embarrassing and will have to wait for another day.

22. 10 year Reunion? Are you planning on going?
It happened in August. I was not there.

23. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself?
You're skinny!! Enjoy it while you can!

I hope those of you that read this will do it on your blogs, too! I look forward to reading it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kate Videos

I haven't posted any videos for a while, so here are a few! Nothing too interesting--Kate doing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," and doing some Olympic type balancing, and just regular playing/wearing way too small of a t-shirt/sitting on our food storage/looking adorable in her duckie pajamas/not jumping until she wants to jump. Enjoy! :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Weigh-in Time!

The goal!

I lost two pounds this week! I gained two pounds in August (ugh), so now I'm back to where I left off with the last Biggest Loser. Kate's come down with the cold flu this week and has been waking up at all hours of the night. Argh. I've been so exhausted in my last few workouts--I don't know how productive they've been.

Anyway, rankings later...there are now 72 women playing--which means the rankings will probably take longer. But the pot is at $1800!!

UPDATE: I didn't expect this week to be a very good one in terms of my ranking. Last BL, a lot of people had a big first week and then dropped off. I came in at #42, though! Yikes, I know. There's a lot of competition and somehow working out twice a day every day isn't cutting it. Maybe a starvation diet? ;)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back in the Saddle...Again.

Biggest Loser has started again! I am really motivated this time. The pot is currently at $1500!! Which means that 60 people are currently playing. Last time there were 54. Since there are so many, the pot will be split and awarded to the top three, but that is still a lot of money. Tib said she would still take some stragglers if anyone else out there wants to sign up--this is the last chance!

As I worked out yesterday and woke up BEAT today, I realized I had forgotten that it takes a lot of work to lose a lot of weight. I'm so excited, though, because every pound I lose now makes me skinnier than I have been in a couple of years! My goal again is to lose two pounds a week. It didn't happen last time...but I think if I could do it this time I would have a real shot at winning.

For those of you who yawn when I talk about Biggest Loser--sorry! I know there are a few out there who look forward to the Friday rankings, so here we go again! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Familiar Face...

Last night, Andrew, Kate, and I had dinner with my sister's family in Riverton. It was a great night; we stayed late talking then finally headed home in the rain. Our windshield wipers broke on the way there (wonderful), and I had to stick my arm out the window to physically get them moving every time. Luckily, that happened with just a few miles to go to their house. Unfortunately, we had to drive all the way home like that. The rain was heavy, so I had stick my arm out the window every 3-5 seconds. About half way home, the rain started to feel like little cold knives poking my skin. We made it home safely and eventually went to bed. Andrew woke me up at 3:30am because his stomach was hurting him so bad he couldn't sleep. A few minutes later he ran to the bathroom...and spent the majority of the night there. Amazingly, in the five and a half years (almost) that we've been married, Andrew has never thrown up! He shattered his record last night, though.

We're not sure what it is--the flu or food poisoning. Pretty sure it isn't food poisoning because we've eaten exactly the same things for the past few days and I haven't been sick. I did feel sick just from hearing all the vomiting all night long, but I don't think I'm going to be sick (fingers crossed). Andrew's finally getting some rest now--hopefully he will be feeling better soon!

The last time Andrew threw up was when we were dating. It was the first week of our dating--right after he returned from his mission. We were up in Heber or somewhere with another couple watching a movie. Towards the end of the movie, my stomach really started to hurt. I started chomping on gum trying to calm it. That wasn't working, and I nervously began to scan the exits. We were at a house I'd never been to, and I had only just met the girl that lived there. I asked where the bathroom was, and ran there--up the stairs, past the stranger's family, and into the hall bathroom. I remained there for some time. The couple sent us on our way with a bucket.

I concentrated really hard on not puking once we were in the car; I definitely did not want to throw up IN FRONT of the guy I had just started dating. I was already mortified that my hair was matted on my forehead, my skin white and clammy, and that I probably reeked of my insides. It didn't help things that we had to drive home in a blizzard. Andrew was forced to inch our way back to Provo. I finally couldn't take it anymore and yelled at him to stop the car. He pulled over and I flew out the door, ordering him to turn up the radio on my way out. I slammed the door shut behind me. In my vomitous state, I had closed the door on the back of my coat. I was dangling from the car, arms reaching/flailing, trying to throw up, but for some reason unable. I jerked myself free from the car and went soaring into a bank of snow. When I returned to the car, I was now covered in snow, and soon sopping wet as it melted.

Andrew made many a stop on the side of the road that night. I finally did throw up in a tunnel just before Provo--I remind him of it nearly every time we pass through it (as if he needed reminding). Andrew had to help me to my apartment that night, then rode away. That night, after he went home, he threw up, too. I knew he must be "the One" when he wanted to go out with me again after that horrible ordeal. I think that night had been our second or third date--not a good beginning!

Anyway, I have never seen Andrew so sick. I hope he can get some sleep.