Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moab Arts Festival

Andrew's awesome booth at the show

We had a nice time in a peaceful meadow yesterday, after all the art show hubbub. Kate took a long nap on a blanket -- in the sunshine with the birds chirping. Christian crawled all over her, I stepped on her more than once (on accident of course!) and she still didn't wake up. I think it was the best nap of her life.

We had an exhausting time in Moab this past weekend. I am too tired for much commentary, but wanted to post a few pics since I haven't in a LONG time. This is basically why -- Andrew's art show stuff. It has been consuming our lives for the past while. Christian is cute, by the way! I will post some other pictures of him soon -- once I can catch my breath. I need to post his year update soon! (at the end of this month). Crazy!

Andrew has 5 or 6 shows this summer, so it's going to be busy! I will post more, though, now. I just got some software put back on my computer so I can upload my pics again. It's been too long!