Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preschool pics!

Kate looks like the tallest in the class, except for maybe the kid on the end (but I think his hair gives him an unfair advantage)...and I don't know why Kate's running over her neighbor, but at least her tongue isn't sticking out. :)

I haven't had much time to post lately, but I am taking a brief break from the book I've been working on to post Kate's preschool pics she got today. So cute! And for fun, I scanned a picture of me at four years old for comparison. I wish I knew where Andrew's pics were, too. I think she looks a lot like Andrew in her picture above. I'll look for them.

Don't you love my 70s collar and elbow that looks like it's broken? Hehehe.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nothing like a happy, semi-clothed baby

Finally got video of Christian laughing -- so cute! Sadly the cuteness was cut short by a princess screaming for help about a bracelet being stuck.

New and improved dance moves

Grandpa and Grandma Farnsworth came over last night to watch a movie, and afterward Kate got down to the beat of the credit music.

PS Woah -- just watched the video and there is tons of "noise" -- what the heck? This video was taken in 1080P, so maybe when it got compressed to post, it didn't quite work or something? Hmm, well -- you can still enjoy her cuteness.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A chorus of scary voices

Woohoo! For my birthday Andrew got me a little bitty video camera. Yay! We had a video camera on our old crappy digital camera, but it bit the dust a while ago. So Christian hasn't had any videos taken of himself! The horror!

We haven't gotten a memory card for it yet, so we had to just use the memory on the camera itself, which at the lowest setting was only about 20 seconds. I took video after video, erasing each one for hopes of a better one. It was so sad -- I got a video of Christian laughing a little bit, but thought I could get more laughs on the next one for sure! Sadly it didn't work out.

So this is the last video taken before Christian lost it and took a nap. So this is the one that I downloaded. Nothing exciting. Just the three of us using our scary voices to try to get Christian to laugh. He wasn't in the mood. I thought I got him looking really scared at the end, but it cut off just before that I guess. Dang. There will be many more videos to come in the future -- whether you like that or not, I don't know. It's just the way it is. :) Hopefully we'll get some good, leg-flipping Riverdance type stuff going on in the future.

By the way, 31 is OLD. Not a fan.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can't handle the cuteness!!!

I'm sad this one is so fuzzy -- so stinkin' cute -- ugh.

Kate has a scary Halloween finger on that she's "scaring" Christian with. He loved it. He loves it when we talk to him in a scary voice. I was doing it last night, and Andrew shuddered and said, "That is really freaky." But Christian likes it -- so come on.
Holy cow -- these kids are cute!! I'm just sayin'. Today is one of those days when I love being a mom!!

Today was picture day at Kate's preschool. Of course, yesterday I went into the kitchen for a minute, came back, and Kate had a huge gash on her cheek. "What is that??" She said it was from Christian's toe nail. Geesh. That raises a lot of questions, but I let it go. Then this morning I went to an aerobics class at the church, and Kate got jumped by another kid (it was an accident) and her chin got all smashed up! Great...just in time for pictures. You have to pay $8 for blemish removal -- forget that. I'll just scan it when I get the pic and clean it up myself if I want to.

I had fun showing Kate my preschool pictures from way back when. She looked at all my formal pictures that were taken each year, and said, "I have to wear that shirt" (pointing to my shirt in the picture) "for my three year old picture. And that one for my four year old picture." And so on. Ha ha. That's what we call vintage, dear. If I get a chance, I will scan some of those pics -- I had a crazy collar going on for my three year old pic.