Saturday, October 27, 2012

Memoir Installment #3

Well, I didn't quite keep up with the blog as well as I intended after all my weight loss stuff ended. It didn't "end" really, as I'm still working hard at maintaining the loss. In the last 6 weeks or so, I've been able to stay right around my weight loss goal. I haven't gone over at all, but I have dipped a couple pounds at times. I eat more calories, but still try to keep it healthy. And lately I only have time to work out about twice a week, but I'm active in other ways (more info below). One of my favorite things to eat is whole wheat toast with butter and honey -- I have to stop eating so much, or I know it's going to spell trouble!

So the last 6 or 7 months was my hardcore weight loss time; we've now shifted into "get ourselves out of debt ASAP" time. Our goal is to get out of consumer debt by January 2013 (we'll still have student loans...ugh.) Andrew got a new job with great pay and benefits, and I have been working 20 hours a week (for the last few weeks) in the morning at a nursing facility doing housekeeping and laundry (while my wonderful parents watch the kids). Lots of gross stories, but I'll save those for another time. I've also been hired to do another personal history book, which is my favorite thing to do. Much more fun than collecting "soiled" laundry, I've found. The history has got me thinking about my own memoir again, and I decided to finish off a chapter I had almost finished last year or whenever that was.

So...this chapter does not leave off from where I was as a child. It's just what I wanted to write about next -- some about my angsty self in high school. Hope you like it! It's only had a light edit, and the formatting isn't perfect yet or anything, but here it is.

"An Enigma Exposed" (click on the title) -- Update: I temporarily removed the link to the chapter earlier today, but now it's back with an updated chapter.

In case you missed the first installments, here they are.