Thursday, May 31, 2007

Watered Down

Yikes. So my parents were just out here last week to help us revive our dead lawn, weed like crazy, and put in our backyard. They were kind enough to help us plant a ton of flowers. In our efforts to not disappoint, we've been very on top of watering...

This reminds me of the plant Andrew and I had when we first got married to test our ability to take care of living things. The plant didn't make it.

We have a tendency to overwater.

I better go check on Kate.

Daddy's girl

Andrew LOVES being a dad. Kate is definitely a daddy's girl. She lights up when she sees him more than with anyone or anything else. She won't take her eyes off him. I love to watch them together. He's always trying to teach her things. Every morning before I leave for work (part-time), I bring Kate in and lay her next to Andrew on our bed.

He gives her "baby rubs" or a mini leg massage. She giggles like crazy. We love her little squishy legs! Andrew jokes that he's tenderizing them for dinner. Can you blame us?

The George Wallet

For anyone who watches Seinfeld regularly (or religiously for some...) you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The other day, I asked Andrew to get my wallet. He picked it up and turned it over in his hands, then asked, "What is this?" He begged me to take some of my cards out, confident I couldn't possibly need ALL of them.

On the contrary. I pointed out that if I took even one of them out, then the wallet would fail to work properly. The bulk of cards had stretched the leather so much, that if I took some out, then all of them would fall out. He just handed me the wallet and said, "Buy a new one."

The next day, I realized that it only closes to a 90 degree angle. Maybe it is time for a new one.

Baby Kate

Just a few recent pics of Kate. Hard to believe she's almost 6 months! She's got two teeth to show for it.

Something's Different: Adventures in Remodeling

Andrew and I started remodeling the house when I got pregnant (the nesting instinct, I think.) Our latest project has been the guest bathroom. What a difference a little paint and new lighting can do! (The finished pic is a stitched picture, so it looks slightly askew. We still need to put the trim on.)

Anyway, it has not been without its challenges and health risks! When I first started on the bathroom, I was hammering a nail a little too close to the mirror. Unfortunately, I smashed the bottom corner of the mirror. When I went to remove the mirror (thinking once I unscrewed it, it would come off), I discovered it was GLUED to the wall. Hmm, I thought to myself, I'll just try to pry it off a little to loosen it. As I was pulling the mirror towards me with a chisel, it shattered into a thousand pieces and impaled my wrist! I didn't feel anything until I noticed gushing blood everywhere. I was more annoyed than anything.

Later, after Andrew installed the dimmer switch--he noticed something he needed to fix. He'd already turned the power back on, but started positioning the switch in another way and shocked himself!

Later that night, he was cutting a hole in our living room ceiling to install some track lights and the blade of the knife he was using snapped off and came flying at me! Minutes later, the electric drill fell off the ladder and BZZZZZZ.

We're usually not quite so clumsy--it was past one in the morning and we were both tired and hurrying.

Don't worry--we always work after Kate's asleep, so she doesn't get caught in the crossfire.

It's all fun and games...until someone (me) gets hurt.

Kate used to stroke my hair so sweetly and gently. Those days are gone. Now she starts giggling at the sight of my hair dangling in front of her. Just the idea of grabbing on and never letting go is thrilling for her. I have to admit, sometimes I let her pull for a while--she's so cute when she does it! I know I know. I'm creating a monster!